How to open a garage door manually

How to open a garage door manually

When you return home after a hard day in your car, you want to quickly put the car in the garage and sit with your family at the table, eat and relax. This usually happens. But if the weather is raging outside: heavy rain, stormy winds around the trees and broken wires – you are even more tired of the difficult road, and your desire to quickly plunge into the comfort of home is immeasurable.

You drive up to your house, press the button of the remote control to open the doors of your garage – and nothing happens. Due to bad weather, your house is left without electricity. And what to do? Throw a car in front of the house? What if it’s hail, or a nearby tree falls on your car in the wind?

There is nothing wrong with a garage door without electricity. You can open them both outside and inside, the main thing is to know how to do it right and be ready for it!

How to open garage door manually

open a garage door manually

If your house does not have electricity or the electronics of the garage doors are broken and do not work – do not worry, there is nothing to worry about. All modern garage doors are equipped with an emergency opening system, with which you can open your doors when located both outside and inside. If you find yourself in a situation where your doors are broken or there is no electricity in the house, you can easily open it by following our instructions.

How to open garage door manually from outside

open garage door outside

Find the emergency opening kit

This should be concentrated at the top of your gate. There is an emergency opening cord in the lock. Use the key to open it.

Unlock the emergency opening cable

Turn the key and pull the lock switch to remove the cord. This cord activates the unlocking mechanism, which puts your garage door in manual mode.

Open the garage door

Pull down from the emergency unlock kit. The main lock (next to the handle) keeps the door closed. Use the key and open the door. Scroll the knob to the upright position.

Lift the door

Pull the garage doors with your palms up and make sure they remain open before you let go or drive under them.

Lower the door

If you are inside, pull the garage door to lock it all the way.


How to manually open garage door from inside

open garage door inside

Open the locks

Locate all locking devices or locks near the outside of the door and make sure they are open so that they do not interfere with you opening the garage door manually.

Turn off automation

Locate the power cord to automatically open the door and disconnect it. If you know where your gate is connected to the switch, you can disable it there.

Locate the emergency opening cord

The emergency opening cord has a red handle and hangs from the guide of the middle garage door. This cord attaches to the cart that connects the lever of your garage door to this center track. The emergency opening cord can only be used with the garage door fully lowered!

Pull the cord

Pull the emergency release handle. The cord will disconnect the garage door and cart so that you can open the door manually.

Lift the door

Grasp the door from below and lift it as far as possible. The door should rest and no longer rise. Before you let go of the door, make sure it is locked and does not fall on your head or car.

Close the door

When you leave the garage by car, completely lower the door. Close the door or lock it with a key.

How to open garage door manually with broken spring

broken spring

If your house has power, and you are sure that the electronics of your garage door are working, but the door still does not open, the spring may cause a breakdown.

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How to check the manual opening of a garage door

check the manual opening

If you have never tried to open the garage door manually – be sure to try this. This can help you in case of an emergency quickly open the door.

The door must be completely closed

Before disconnecting the garage door opener from the garage door, make sure the doorway is in the down position. Trying to free the doorway in the up position is very dangerous. This is the result of the simple fact that if a spring breaks on your garage door, it can lead to a full load on their garage door, which can break. This can damage something under the door, for example, yourself, in addition to breaking the garage door.

Pull emergency opening cord

The emergency shutdown cord is your red rope that hangs in the doorway. The cart joins the doorway and goes along with the entire door when it opens and closes. At the entire mounting stage, the trolley can be connected to the coulter carriage. The opening trolley is your automatic mechanism that moves the doorway along the guide/track of the doorway. The emergency release cord disconnects the trolley through the attachment point in the carriage for opening, so the door can slide along the track without an automatic carriage. This allows you to manually open and close the door.

Manually open and close the door

The preceding actions will allow you to freely move the garage door to the open and closed position. As soon as you finish maneuvering the garage door and are ready to turn on the automatic door opener again, please return the garage door back to the lower position.

Pull the emergency power cord to the door

In conjunction with the emergency release cable, the trolley has two positions: connected and disconnected. Both of these positions change the position of this spring lever on the cart. This position is achieved by pulling the exhaust cable down and from the door to the engine. To reach the connected place, pull the emergency release cable down and towards the doorway, separately from the engine.

Re-connect the Trolley

This can be done manually after the emergency spring lever is in the set position. The trolley at your gate can be either automatic or non-automatic. Depending on the type of trolley, the connection method will be different. See below for details of both connection options.

How to Reconnect an Opener With an Automatic Trolley

Automatic Trolley garage door

Most garage door openers have an automatic trolley. If your door has a door, the process of reconnecting the garage door to the opener is simple. All you have to do is reset the garage door after turning off the power.

  • Make sure the garage door is fully closed. There should be no gaps between the door and the floor.
  • If you still have the automatic coulter disabled, you will need to reconnect it to reconnect.
  • If there are only two buttons on the remote control (open the door and close the door), press the button to close it. In this case, the opener should be involved and allow it to reconnect on its own.
  • Wait for the reconnection procedure to complete. The chain should bring the trolley to the desired position and connect it to the lever on the door.
  • Once you restore the door, start the garage door opener/shutter device several times to make sure everything is working smoothly.

How to Reconnect an Opener Without an Automatic Trolley

door Without an Automatic Trolley

If you tried to tie the garage door, but that didn’t help, you may not have an automatic cart in the garage door opener. In such cases, you must manually attach the handle of the garage door to the cart. You could even use this approach to reconnect the garage door to the opener until the electricity reaches.

  • As with the automatic trolley, make sure that the garage door is completely closed.
  • Pull the emergency opening cord toward the door. You should see how the lever is in the desired position, and hear a click when the switch turns on again.
  • Connect the opener cart to the garage door lever. To do this, open the door one or two feet until you hear a click in the desired position.
  • After you reconnect the garage door, then reconnect the opener and make sure it is working properly. Open the door with the remote control, listening to any vibration, and watching for sudden movements. Then close the door.

How to avoid needing to open a garage door manually

backup battery garage door

When you realize that your garage door does not work after a power outage, you may wonder if you can do something to make it work even without electricity. There is a great idea for your garage to avoid panic and hassle: install an automatic garage door opener with a backup battery function.

Using a backup battery, your garage door will open when there is a power outage – along with the keyboard, knife, and security sensors will also work.

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