Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

One of the ways in which you can free up space in your garage which is probably overstuffed with useful stuff is to use overhead garage storage. Apart from using the floor and wall space, you can also consider overhead garage storage to stow away some of the bigger things occupying space in the garage. You can also use overhead garage storage to put away things that you do not need to access very often.

Overhead Garage Storage

There are many ways to use overhead garage storage: hooks suspended from ceilings, building storage bins into the space above the garage door or installing a ready to use storage bunker in some space towards the ceiling of your garage and so on.

Garage Storage Ideas

There is a wide variety of things that can go into overhead garage storage like bicycles, that canoe that comes out only on your annual holidays, old collectibles and even furnishing items that you do not need in your house but do not have the heart to discard!

Overhead Garage Storage for tires

One innovative method to implement overhead garage storage is to build a cross-section of strong beams just below the ceiling and suspend a variety of hooks, cabinets, shelves from the same. You can also think of suspending suitably sized bins from these hooks as well. Boxes can easily be suspended from these hooks too. Do take care to assess the weight of these structures that will be hung from the ceiling hooks. Also, assess the weight of the items that they will hold when they are filled up to the brim! You do not want your overhead garage storage to come crashing down on you or your expensive automobile.

Garage Storage

One more method of using overhead garage storage is by installing a strong system of block and tackle as well. The bigger items or unwieldy items can easily be suspended safely from these hooks systems.

Overhead Garage Storage for bicycles

Building an adequately sized storage space above the garage door is also a very good overhead garage storage option. Such a space can be used to hold boxes and bags with all your miscellaneous content. Do be sure to label the boxes and bags though. This will save you time and effort at searching for something once some amount of time has elapsed. If the smaller items are not readily visible then you may spend a lot of time searching for the same when you need it the most.

Overhead Garage Storage for fishing rods

Overhead garage storage can be implemented with care and a methodical approach. You could think of starting such a project by first sorting through all the items you have in your garage and figuring out what needs to go where. Bicycles, for instance, which occupy quite a lot of floor space can be suspended with the help of overhead garage storage.

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas for trailer

Some of the overhead garage storage can certainly be done by you with the help of some good quality home improvement tools but if it is a bigger project then you may be better off calling in the services of a specialist in the field.

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