Building a 1 Car Garage

Single Car Garage

This article is dedicated to car owners mainly. It will be useful for those who already have a car. People who are intending to buy a vehicle should also read it. So, what are one car garage dimensions? This is quite a difficult thing. To answer this question, get familiar with this guide.

According to the statistics, only a small percent uses a garage for a car. This happens because it is often too narrow. To avoid that, it’s important to plan the building in advance.

If it is small-sized, a vehicle simply doesn’t fit there. Many families use this building to store garden and work tools, bicycles, and so on. In this article, one will find answers to the most common questions.

Which Size Is Standard?

Size Standard garage

A common single car garage size is 12×20, 240 sq. ft. Of course, it can be smaller (10×18, for example), but this size is not recommended. There should be more space than a car takes up. This is related to the parking convenience. A big space is necessary to avoid a crash. Besides, think of the working tools and other things that have to be placed there. But if your vehicle is really tiny, then a smaller size is acceptable.

Before building consider all the shelves, storages, and drawers. They should be placed so that you can park a vehicle without any problem.

Is It Possible to Build a Larger Garage?

Naturally, it is. The size can reach 18×26. This is fair about bigger vehicles (crossovers and full-size cars). So, the first thing to do is to measure the car dimensions. Then you have to add at least two feet to each one. This will be a suitable size.

Actually, 18×26 is a double garage size. But we describe it here for another reason. The extra space is possible to use as a work or rest area. Besides, such a garage can store two cars in the future. If your family is planning to buy a second car, it’s a perfect far-sighted decision.

When it comes to massive trucks or SUVs, more space is required. The standard size won’t provide smooth parking. Even if the car can drive in, there may be not enough space. In other words, good planning is what you need. It’s better to construct a little larger garage than to suffer from lack of room.

Make a Creative Garage


Say, your garage is not only supposed to hold the vehicle. Many car owners have parties with friends there. Some people prefer to work in a garage, or even turn it into their studio. In this case, a one-car garage size will be 16×20 or more.

A good idea is to attach an extra section. It can be used in different ways. A room for guests, a space for work – it’s only you who decides. It’s perfectly suitable for noisy housework. Thus, you will not bother your family members. Imagine that you have to use a hammer or a drill. Plan extra space and do these works in your garage!

The Best Door Size

There is no single answer to this question. As you understand, it depends on your car dimensions. A 1 car garage door size should be a bit wider than a car itself. Consider how wide your car is with the opened doors. Add about two feet to this from each and you’ll get your perfect size.

The width of different cars varies a lot. Let’s suppose, you have a tiny smart car. There’s no guarantee that you won’t change it and buy a bigger vehicle. That is why the garage size should take into account further possible changes.

Small Car


If you won’t change your smart car for sure, the decision becomes simpler. A small vehicle can be placed in a 10×12 space. Besides, it’s possible to hang a little shelf there.

The door width will be less than an average one. Instead of nine feet, there will be only eight. Despite its little cost, such a garage has some disadvantages. Say, the vehicle fits in. But there’s always a probability of damage. The doors or the mirrors can occasionally break while parking. There may be not enough space to turn a car around.

A garage like this will definitely cost less than the ones described above. But it’s not used that often. Firstly, a car owner will probably change the vehicle. In this case, a big SUV won’t fit there. Secondly, little space makes it inconvenient to use. Perhaps, the garage will have to be expanded.

How to Define the Size?

As we mentioned before, the car dimensions are the crucial factor. The garage should be certainly bigger than the vehicle is. At first glance, a car may fit in. But if the door can hardly open without scratching the wall, a garage is too small.

It is clear that other things should be considered. What are you planning to keep in the garage? Apart from the car, there are usually necessary tools, shelves, and even bicycles. Those who need all this should plan a lot of extra space. When there’s nothing only a car and one shelf, the size grows smaller.

Vehicles That Can Be Stored

Can Be Stored

The first thing that comes to mind is a car. But there are many more vehicles that can fit in a garage. A 1 car garage size supposes a lot of things to be stored in. There are big vans, trucks, pickups, and sedans. Theoretically, they can fit. But there may not be enough space to use it comfortably.

So, the stored vehicles should be not that large. Smart and sports cars will fit well. SUVs, vans, and pickups are also suitable. Average-sized luxury cars and quads can be stored, too. The width varies from 5 to 45 feet. The length from 14 to 80 feet is suitable as well.

As you see, the size of your garage depends on the car you are going to store in.

Two-Level Garage

The majority of garages have one level. This is obvious because a single car doesn’t demand a lot of room. But what if a garage is something more than a car storage place? High ones can reach 20 feet in height. The largest length usually depends on the restrictions in a certain area.

A tall garage should be wider than an ordinary one. This is made to prevent the construction’s fall. The size doesn’t differ a lot. 14x28x18 is the average one of a two-stored garage.

A two-level garage will provide plenty of room for storage or anything. This is impossible with one-level ones. This is how space can be visually and physically enlarged. Moreover, the footprint won’t be increased.

Vehicles for a Two-Story Garage

1 car


Logically, a two-level garage can store larger vehicles. But, of course, it’s possible to store a small car. The rest space provides a storage area in this case. But, such a garage can easily hold other things apart from a car. Bicycles and motorcycles will fit in.

Like a standard-sized garage, a two-level one accommodates compact and sports cars. There are also luxury cars, trucks, pickups, and SUVs. Middle-sizes trailers and small boats can be placed there as well. ATVs and quads are also suitable.

Double the Width

Along with the two-story garages, there are also double wide ones. The footprint will increase, but space will also become larger. This is a good option to build a garage with a workspace. Such a layout allows you to store bikes, garden tools, and other things.

This type of garage can be turned into a two-car one. This is a smart choice for those who plan to buy a second car in the future. The size is about 20×24.


cost 1 garage car

The cost depends on several factors. What are the car dimensions? How wide is a single car garage door? The building materials matter as well. When you answer all these questions, the price will be clear. Think of whether you will do the works yourself or hire a work crew.

As a rule, the major part of standard garages for one car costs almost the same. Detached or attached one costs approximately $15,000-$20,000.

Look at these sums and decide which one you can afford. The attached garage will cost you $8,000-$11,000, depending on the size. It is cheaper than an ordinary one. Firstly, it uses one of the house’s walls. Secondly, the house supplies it with electricity along with cooling and heating. This reduces expenses significantly.

Detached garage costs from $9,000 to $14,000. As one can see, the smallest amount is equal to the cost of an attached garage. But there are more works to do. The lighting, electricity, and water system will eat a lot of money.

How to Choose the Right Size?

First of all, it depends on the size of your vehicle. Single car garage door dimensions should be bigger than a car itself. It should fit in comfortably, without damaging the surface.

Here is another point to consider. Decide if you want an attached or detached garage. Their cost varies significantly. Then think about the extra space. Most car owners need it to keep the tools or a washing machine, for example. In other words, weigh all pros and cons before the building.

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