Garage door cable repair

Garage door cable

For a garage, sectional doors are almost irreplaceable. They are able to close the opening of any shape and size, retain heat well, and are convenient to use. Due to its relatively lightweight, the structure is easy to open/close. In addition, some versions of the gate are equipped with an electric drive: you can open the garage without even leaving the car, which is very convenient.

Automated garage doors comprise cables on each side to lower and lift the door easily. These wires are strong, but wear and tear may finally take its toll, causing the wires to eliminate pressure, fray or snap. A couple of things can go wrong if you set a garage door cable fix or whenever you try a DIY part-time occupation.

How to repair garage door cable

repair garage door cable

It is worth noting that incorrect installation of the cable on the gate can lead to failure of the torsion springs, the fall of the web, or failure of the gearbox of the bulk drive. How To Open Garage Door With Broken Spring, we talked recently.

The course of the sectional door leaf is performed when the cable is wound on the drums. One side is fixed on the edge of the lower Garage Door Panel, and the second – in a special hole on the drum, which has stripped for precise winding of this cable.

If the cable is not installed correctly or due to other external factors, it may become loose, tangle, or break. In this case, the gate leaf will “move on a skew” or may break off altogether.

Replacing the gate cable

  1. You need to fix the brackets and install the key on the bottom of the gate leaf
  2. Tighten the set screw on the drum, thus locking it
  3. Proceed to turn the shaft and do this procedure until the cable slack disappears. To get a good tension of the cable, you need to make one and a half or two turns of the spring
  4. When fixing the position of the springs, it is important to tighten the bolts that are located on the tension tips
  5. Check for any sagging of the cables

If there is no sagging, the installation of the cables is complete and nothing more should be done.
Otherwise, it is necessary to turn the shaft on which there is a cable slack. In this case, the second part of the shaft must be left in the position in which it was originally located.

In order to turn the desired shaft, you need to loosen the coupling by loosening the bolts. If there is no sagging, we can conclude that the replacement of the gate cable was done correctly. Otherwise, repeat the procedure described above.

In rare cases, you only need to adjust the cable section of the gate. In this case, there is no need to replace the components, You can pull the cable on the gate without them.

Independent cable replacement is not always a good idea

If you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills, an attempt to repair sectional doors is not a good garage idea. You will simply spend your own time and effort, and then you will still have to call the master. Therefore, if you are not sure of your repair abilities, contact the specialists immediately.

Cable replacement services are quite inexpensive, and the price includes a new part. In addition, sometimes you do not have to change anything: the master will simply adjust the old cable. This way you will save time, money, and nerves.

TIP: if the warranty period for your sectional doors has not yet expired, please contact the company that installed them with any breakdowns. Many stages of repair can be carried out free of charge-under warranty.

Garage door cable repair cost

cable repair cost

Garage door cables cost about $15 for one and $30 for a pair. You need to change the cables together, even if the second one seems to work. We recommend that the cables be installed or replaced by a professional door manufacturing company, so you would include a service/installation fee. The total amount you should spend on replacing cables should be between $90 and $115.

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Understand Garage Door Cables

Garage Door Cables


Your garage door comprises distinct wires based on what kinds of springs it utilizes.

Retaining wires are observed in garage doors with expansion springs. Within this situation, the wires can be found within the springs, which run vertically across the left and right surfaces of the door. The role of retaining cables would be to prevent the springs from flying around the room should they split.

Both are heavy-duty twisted wires comprising several strands of wire. They generally work for many years without incident, however, issues like faulty bearings at a Cable, excess moisture close to the base of the door, or inadequate track alignment may hasten wear, corrosion, and rust. With regular visual inspections, you could have the ability to protect against a fraying cable out of snapping.

A broken cable induces additional tension to move to another cable, putting tremendous pressure on it. This can produce the garage door grow, causing it to become twisted and unbalanced. Consequently, if your garage door is squeaking, vibration or functioning strangely, this may signify that a cable has snapped. Refrain from utilizing the doorway until a specialist can take a look.

Do not use doors with a damaged cable

damage Garage Door Cables


If your garage door is stuck with a broken cable, then this leaves your house vulnerable. To protect against this, you want to lower the unbroken cable so that the door will reduce, securing your house until a specialist can take a look. A garage door repair technician could replace both wires as a precaution anyhow, so this will not boost your fixed price.

NOTE: Use extreme caution if trying this, and also make sure several men and women are there to help with decreasing the door slowly and carefully after the cable is cut.

We highly recommend choosing an expert to do garage door cable restoration. Countless non-professionals are hurt each year from trying to fix broken garage doors. If you do not have wisdom and expertise with garage door repair, do not place yourself at a possibly life-threatening situation–contact an expert to carry out a secure, dependable fix for your benefit.

The fix will also have a review of the garage door’s total functionality. If the technician finds difficulties that could result in excess cable wear and tear, alterations can be made to prolong the life span of door parts.

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