3 car garage dimension

3 car garage

The garage project for 3 cars is in demand among car owners. With it, you can correctly plan the area of ​​the future premises so that all the cars fit, and there is room for other important items, and the area on the site was occupied by the garage as little as possible.

Projects of garages for three cars

Before buying, ordering, or developing the project of the future garage, decide what type it will be:

  1. standing separately;
  2. attached to the house or other buildings on the site;
  3. underground.

The lower type in private construction is very rare. As a rule, it is built at the stage of laying the foundation of the house. And the price of his device is prohibitive. Consider the garages built on standard and uncomplicated designs.

Features of three-car garage projects

garage size

The first thing to consider when designing a garage for three cars is how the cars will be located. The area of ​​future construction directly depends on this. The most common option in 3 car garage plans – cars are in parallel in a row. The area of ​​such a garage is rather large and takes up a lot of space on the site. A more economical option for the location of vehicles is two cars in a row and a third parallel to them.

3 car garage size

Since the length of the average car is approximately 4.5 meters, the minimum size of one seat should be at least 5.5 meters. If the owner of the building owns a pickup or minivan car, then this parameter should be increased to 5.8 meters.

When building a 3 car garage, you should also consider the presence of racks or shelves. In this case, even more space is allocated, taking into account the depth of the products and the passage of 70-100 centimeters. In this case, the 3 car garage size increases to 6.5-6.7 meters.

As for the width of the garage for three cars, its calculations come from the width of the car, which is at least 1.7 meters. In this case, it is necessary to ensure the comfortable opening of the car doors, since in a narrow space there is a chance of damage to the car. Based on this, it can be calculated that the distance from the wall to another car should be at least three meters. At the same time, the possibility of a convenient exit of a passenger from a car is already calculated in the garage, and not before entering it.

If the owner of the garage has SUVs or executive cars, then the width should be increased to 3.3-3.5 meters. It turns out that without problems placing three cars of different types, shelves, or racks, as well as a bicycle or motorcycle, the width of such a garage should be at least 10 meters.

3 car garage height

garage height

If we are talking about passenger car models, the height of which is usually below average human height (from 1.5 meters without an antenna), then you should focus on the growth of the garage owner, taking into account the placement of lighting devices. If a large SUV or minivan is going to be stored in the garage, then the height should be raised above the roof of these cars.

Do not underestimate the problem of insufficient gate height. Some models may occupy part of the garage entrance space. If an antenna or trunk is installed on the car, as well as at an unusual height of the car, an element of such a gate can catch. Therefore, when installing them, it is worth highlighting at least 2-2.2 meters.

To avoid problems with the gate, you should choose the optimal type of product. In today’s diversity, this is easy enough to do. The choice of buyers presented hinged, with sliding doors, sectional, and many other types of gates. Specialists involved in the installation of garage doors will help to make a mistake – the wizard will tell you, which option is suitable in this particular case.

The sizes of such garages for 3 parking spaces, as a rule, are not very diverse.

Ready-made projects, which are widely available on the Internet, have the standard, almost the same area:

  1. project with the usual arrangement of cars and without a boiler room – 13m * 7.8m = 101.4 m2;
  2. garage, presented according to plan with dimensions and area of ​​11m * 7m = 77 m2;
  3. another typical option, provided only for cars without frills – 8.5m * 9.5m = 80.75m2.

Garage as a universal building

universal building

Versatility is one of the advantages that a three-car garage can have, the project, in this case, is developed immediately taking into account what will be in the future construction:

  • viewing hole;
  • cellar;
  • boiler room;
  • working area for carpentry or other machines;
  • residential attic;
  • carport;
  • canopy with a barbecue area.

How much does a three-car garage cost

three-car garage cost

Projects of houses with 3 garages are very popular. Houses with a garage for three cars can save the land area for construction, with a significant increase in the useful area of ​​the house.

The main difference between the projects of houses with three garages and two-story houses is a lower construction cost, and compared with single-story houses – a significant increase in the area of ​​the house with a small increase in construction costs (since only the walls of the basement are added). If necessary, additional changes can be made to the overall dimensions of the house, layout, and construction of the foundation, walls, and floors of houses with a garage for three vehicles. Therefore, 3 car garage costs will vary depending on such parameters as dimensions, material used for construction, and other features of an individual project.

The garage project for 3 cars is interesting not only to the owners of this number of vehicles, but also to those who love spaciousness, and simply for the future; there will be little addition to the “family”. Choose and design your projects wisely so that you don’t have to pay twice for the redevelopment and additional arrangement of the garage.

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