Standard garage door sizes

garage door sizes

Garage doors can be made and installed in any size, but there is the size that is considered standard. The height of the gate is constantly increasing when compared with old garages because the sizes of new car models are increasing. People are increasingly buying SUVs and RVs or park trailer boats in their garages. The use of the standard size of the garage door has its advantages:

  • They are always in stock, there is no need to expect individual production
  • Standard gates will cost you less
  • They are easier to resell if necessary.

Standard garage door height

The minimum height of the garage door is 6 feet and the maximum is 12 feet. This does not mean that they cannot be higher or lower, these are standard heights for ordinary garages.

Ordinary car

Standard garage door height for Ordinary car

If you have a regular car, do not get carried away on off-road trips, and do not own an SUV or RV then standard gates with a height of 6-7 feet are suitable for your garage. 6-foot doors are becoming less and less popular with a 7-foot door. If you want to buy a gate for the new garage, choose a 7-foot door!


garage door height for SUV

The most common SUVs usually do not differ much in width, but can have significant differences in height. For currently popular SUVs, the maximum height is just over 6 feet. You might think that a gate height of 7 feet, as for ordinary cars, is quite enough, but this is not entirely true.

At some point, you will want to put the trunk on the roof of your car or buy a new car model that will be slightly higher, and you will have to drive very carefully into your garage, for fear of breaking the gate and damaging the roof of the car. In order not to strain to call into your garage on your SUV – install a door 8 feet high!


Standard garage door height for RVs

If you are a fan of traveling on the RVs or just planning to become one, you should know that their height can reach 9.5 feet. Most of them have air conditioning, satellite dishes, extra luggage racks, and sometimes solar panels. Which significantly adds height.

The height of the garage door for the RVs is usually 12 feet and can vary depending on the extensions on its roof.

Standard garage door width

There are no standard sizes for garage doors, and there are many things that can affect the dimensions of doors, for example, whether it is a single or double garage, an industrial doorway, or built for an RV.

Standard single garage door size

single garage door size

The standard width of a garage door for one ordinary car is usually from 8 to 10 feet. This width is enough to freely enter the garage without experiencing any difficulties. This width is enough even if you own an SUV.
For owners of RVs, the width may be insufficient and it is better to approach the choice of the width of the gate individually, depending on the size of your trailer.

Standard double garage door size

double garage door size

Standard double garage doors are typically 12 to 16 feet wide, and depending on how big your cars are, you need to comfortably hold two cars or houses one large car or truck.

When working with double garages, it is advisable to evaluate the length and width of your cars before buying, as this can help determine the type of door you are purchasing – if you are limited in space, it is best for you to choose a door with rollers since this door requires the smallest internal space to free up space in the garage.

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Two single garage doors or one double?

Two single or one double?

  • When you have a double door, as well as your own garage located in front of your home, the door becomes the main design element. Placing two separate doors can reduce the influence of one large doorway, providing a more balanced balance between the doors and the rest of the house.
  • If for one reason or another, your 16-foot garage door does not open, two cars can get stuck in the garage. With exactly the same scenario, but with two single garage doors, this would be practically impossible.
  • If you live in a cold climate, a double garage door allows more cold air to enter the garage than a single doorway, which quickly transfers the heat of your garage.
  • The price of two single doors is about the same as one double door. The gap comes down to if you want to equip both doors with an electric opener.

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